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Honor & Integrity

Acting with Honor & Integrity

One of our core values at VES is to Act with Honor & Integrity. To live into this value means that we will:

  • Abide by the student-developed and student-led VES Honor Code:
  • Not lie, steal, cheat or tolerate that behavior in any other member of the community.
  • Commit to doing the right thing at all times and upholding our community morals.
  • Respectfully give and receive constructive feedback and speak with candor to help each other and VES continually improve. 

The underlying principle that governs the life of any member of the VES community is the school’s Honor Code.

From its beginning, the students of VES developed the code as a beacon to guide the principled decision-making process faced by our students and faculty. 

VES remains committed to the belief that spiritual and ethical formation is a process that occurs everywhere on campus. VES founder Robert Carter Jett believed that, by living within the VES Honor Code, students would grow in both integrity and honor and carry those characteristics into adulthood. 
The VES honor system today remains student-centered and student-led. At the beginning of each year, all students and faculty sign an honor pledge during a ceremony held in Langhorne Chapel, a visible statement that each member of the community is held to a very high and important standard. The Honor Committee invests their time to educate students about how to live a life of honor. Educational discussions occur in small groups and during our dedicated Honor and Integrity Week, where guest speakers share their thoughts on how living with honor impacts their professional lives today.

2019-20 Honor Committee

VES Honor Code 

One shall not lie, steal, cheat or tolerate that behavior in
any other member of the community.
"What I will cherish about VES forever is that it taught me three wonderful and absolutely fundamental things. 

It began to teach me how to get along.
It taught me how to study.
And it taught me the meaning of honor."

– Rev. George Bean ’35

Pictured Left to Right:

Jordan Anderson (Chair) | Lynchburg, VA
Josh Buckley | Lynchburg, VA
Nia Cummings | Lynchburg, VA
Hunt Bailey | Greensboro, NC
Joshua Staggers | Stafford, VA
Vassar Camden | Lynchburg, VA
Emme Gravely | Greensboro, NC
Faculty Liaison:  Jason Knebel

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