Student Life

Student Services

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  • Health Center

    The Student Health Center is located in the lower level of Zimmer Center.
    Clinic hours
    • Monday through Friday: 7:00-10:00, Noon-1:00 and 3:00-6:30
    • Saturday and Sunday: 11:30-12:30 and 5:00-6:30
    A nurse is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
    The school physicians, Allan Podosek, MD and Nathan Christian, DO, are available in the clinic to boarding students on Monday and Wednesday mornings between 7:30-8:00. Appointments are not necessary. If care is needed outside these hours, arrangements will be made to ensure prompt attention.
    Transportation for medical appointments in the immediate Lynchburg area is provided by the school Monday through Thursday between the hours of 1:30 and 4:30.
    All VES students are required to have complete medical insurance coverage.
    Prescription medications are dispensed only by the clinic. VES uses Kroger Pharmacy at 4119 Boonsboro Road for all pharmaceutical needs. Boarding students are asked to keep insurance and credit information on file with the pharmacy. Kroger Pharmacy also administers Influenza vaccines in the fall for those students with signed permission from their parents.
  • School Counselor

    VES employs a full-time School Counselor, Janet Grattan. Janet has an M.Ed. in counseling and is a candidate for licensure in the state of Virginia.
    In addition to our students, Janet is available to see parents, faculty and staff.  She is qualified to deal with the following issues:
    Substance Abuse/dependence/addiction
    Bipolar Personality D.O. (Disorder)
    Borderline Personality D.O.
    Attachment D.O.
    Obsessive-Compulsive D.O.
    Post Traumatic Stress D.O.
    Eating D.O.
    Oppositional-Defiant D.O.
    Physical manifestation of emotional issues
    Negotiation of multicultural challenges in our community
    Sexual misconduct
    Parent/Child relationships
    Student/Teacher relationships
    Peer mediation
    Roommate relationships
    Grief/Loss of parent, sibling, friend
    Referral/access to outside resources
  • Technology

    Technology is an everyday part of life at VES. Our teachers use it to enhance instruction, our students use it to learn and conduct research, and our campus community uses it to stay connected and current on school happenings and world events.
    State-of-the-art technology and campus-wide wireless are essential to the way our community works. VES also hosts a sophisticated telephone system that provides telephone and voicemail service to every boarding student, faculty and staff member.
    Dorm rooms are wired with high-speed Internet connections and our facilities are covered with campus-wide wireless access. Students can research class projects on the Internet, send email, access school calendars and utilize other network resources from their personal computers in the comfort of their dorm rooms, and they can connect with family and friends from a bench on Box Plaza.
    Technology is an integral part of a VES education, not only because it is part of our students’ lives, but because it is an everyday part of our teaching and communication.
  • Business Office

    Students may cash checks and get change in the Business Office at specified times during the week.
    There will be a fifteen-dollar service charge for returned checks. Many students keep their cash in an envelope in the Business Office. The Business Office does not lend money to students.
  • Laundry and Dry Cleaning

    Laundry and dry cleaning are picked up every Monday morning. Laundry and dry cleaning should be left at the Bookstore by 9:00 a.m. Monday. Clothing must be in a laundry bag (non-mesh) that is marked with student’s name written with a waterproof pen. Laundry and dry cleaning may be placed in the same bag.
    If Monday is not a regular school day, pick-up day is Tuesday at the same time. Returned dry cleaning may be picked up Friday in the Bookstore. Fees for laundry and dry cleaning are charged to the student’s Bookstore account.

Supporting Students

In support of our academic mission and to complement our academic program, VES offers many services critical to the well-being of our students and the community as a whole. Here are a few examples of what is currently available to members of the VES family.
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