Student Life

Student Leadership

Our Leadership Program

In a disciplined leadership development program unique among boarding schools in our region, we offer the Toward Full Stature Program:
  • From their first days on campus, students participate in the ninth grade Transitions Class. We introduce them to basic leadership skills, teach how to understand and cultivate healthy relationships and ask them to articulate how they want to impact VES during their time here.
  • In tenth grade, our students learn about dynamic leadership. Leading by example and training in public speaking are among the opportunities they have to practice and demonstrate these skills.
  • As seniors, students have the skills they need to apply for and assume the highest level of student leadership available at VES — the positions of Senior Counselor, Head Counselor, Honor Committee Member and Honor Committee Chair.
  • In every grade, Student Council members and Class Representatives take ownership of organizing activities for their class and the school.
Beyond the structured program, we encourage leadership through many other venues — in the classrooms, advisory groups, dorms, on the athletic fields, through service learning programs, in chapel and hosting prospective students on campus.
All VES graduates will have a Toward Full Stature Digital Portfolio they build that documents their academic, ethical, spiritual and personal growth throughout their years here — and that provides a concrete body of work they can draw from when applying to the colleges of their choice. Equally important, the Toward Full Stature Program ensures that we tailor a specific approach to nurture each child’s growth across these critical areas of development.

VES Is Student-Led

Students participate in a variety of leadership roles on campus — in the classroom and in the arts and athletics. These opportunities range from serving on the Honor Committee, Counselor Body, Student Council, Vestry and Alpha Order; as Resident Assistants and team captains; and as leaders of community service programs and more.

Our Leadership Councils

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  • Counselor Body

    Selected by students and faculty and appointed by the Headmaster, this group of seniors represents the best of VES. They serve as ambassadors of the school, resident advisors and duty team members.
    The Counselor Body is a group of senior leaders who help counsel and lead fellow students toward a vibrant and productive life in the VES community.
    Counselors represent the best of VES students. This group is intentionally diverse, made up of unique individuals — scholars, athletes, artists and a mix of races and cultures. Their different talents and interests allow each one to connect with and mentor like-minded students, and to demonstrate to all students the skills of a group working tightly and smoothly together. What bonds this group is the shared quality of integrity. The Counselor Body’s first job is to uphold our school’s high ideals of honesty, service and effort.
    Selection of counselors each May is a significant school event, involving both students and faculty input and final appointment by the Headmaster. Students chosen to be counselors do not necessarily enter VES as leaders. Many develop their leadership styles and skills during their time here through the unique experiences and challenges offered at VES.
    Our counselors are valued, respected and essential. From the first day of school, they are involved in creating the campus tone of friendliness and respect by helping new students transition into the community. They organize school events, provide leadership in dorms, generate school spirit with fun activities and assist the faculty with the responsibilities of campus duty. Throughout the year, counselors serve as friends and mentors, offering encouragement, support, understanding and wisdom about the importance of good choices.
    2017-18 Counselor Body

    Tayloe Hunter '18, Head Counselor | Tazewell, VA

    Thomas Battle
    Lynchburg, VA
    George Burruss
    Lynchburg, VA
    Sally Carrington
    Lynchburg, VA
    Jason Cheung
    Nanjing, China
    Woods Cook
    Lynchburg, VA
    Hayden Cooke
    Charleston, WV
    Alex Decker
    Castleton On Hudson, NY
    Drennen Du Bose
    Charlottesville, VA
    Sarah Gordon Duerson
    Lynchburg, VA
    Gillian Gondi
    Lynchburg, VA
    Lindsay Hunt
    Charleston, WV
    Tayloe Hunter
    Tazewell, VA
    Brent Jenkins
    Elizabeth City, NC
    Susie Li
    Beijing, China
    Jaelin Llewellyn
    Mississuaga, Canada
    Hadley Meadows
    Lynchburg, VA
    Hannah Schindler
    Lynchburg, VA
    Paul Skorcz
    Lynchburg, VA
    Peyton Tompkins
    Lynchburg, VA
    Amanda Vie
    Lynchburg, VA
    Madison Workman
    Forest, VA
  • Honor Committee

    Selected by student vote, this judiciary committee promotes, supports and defends the honor system at VES by reviewing all honor offenses and making recommendations for consequences to the Headmaster.
    The members of the Honor Committee serve as role models, promoting the moral and ethical values established by the school’s founder, Bishop Jett.
    Every spring, the students of Virginia Episcopal School gather in the chapel to select the members of the next year’s Honor Committee. It is the only group of student leaders serving the school selected entirely by the student body and appointed by the Headmaster.
    Students wishing to serve on the committee must submit written applications which are read by the student body. The elected members go through a rigorous training period with past and current members of the Honor Committee who share their experiences of serving on the committee. The new members also have the opportunity to observe numerous mock trials and conduct practice trials themselves. At the start of each school year, the Honor Committee holds a special service for all students and faculty to sign an honor pledge, reminding the community of its high ideal of honesty and integrity. The Honor Committee is also responsible for conducting Honor and Integrity Week at VES which brings speakers to campus to discuss the subject of honor. This committee represents one of the top leadership roles in the school.
    2017-18 Honor Committee Members
    Paul Skorcz, Chair 
    Lynchburg, VA
    George Burruss 
    Lynchburg, VA
    Woods CookLynchburg, VA
    Sarah Gordon DuersonLynchburg, VA 
    Tayloe HunterTazewell, VA 
    Chan JangGoyang City, Korea
    Hannah Schindler
    Lynchburg, VA 
  • Student Council

    With the council president and grade-level representatives selected by student vote, this group focuses on class leadership. Each class is tasked with a focus for improving life at VES, allowing students opportunities to develop leadership through service, spirit and school events.
    The purpose of the VES student government is to:
    • Provide a service to the school
    • Promote leadership and participation within the student body
    • Provide modes of communication between students, faculty and administration
    • Encourage the expression of student concerns, opinions and issues
    • Expand student involvement in all areas of campus life
    Elections for office are held each May for 10th, 11th and 12th grade representatives to serve the following school year. Freshmen representatives are elected in the fall of the school year in which they will serve.
    All council members meet together each week to discuss school life, issues of concern, ways to promote school unity and individual class fellowship.

    2017-18 Student Council Members

    Peyton Tompkins '18, President | Lynchburg, VA
    Senior Class
    Matthew Cudd | Lynchburg, VA 
    Freddie Garrett | Tappahannock, VA 
    Vicky Li | Haidian District, Beijing China
    Will Winstead | Lynchburg, VA
    Junior Class
    Julianna Manson, Junior Class President | Durham, NC
    James Cook | Lynchburg, VA
    Hays Marr | Wilmington, NC
    Jackson Mutch | Lynchburg, VA
    Sunny Sun | Changpin, Beijing China
    Sophomore Class
    Will Cox, Sophomore Class President | Lynchburg, VA
    Hunt Bailey | Gibsonville, NC
    Lawrence Gao | Hondlon District, Baotou, China 
    Drew Tompkins | Lynchburg, VA
    Margaret Sprunt | Wilmington, NC
    Freshmen Class
    Lucy Catherine Olmert, Freshmen Class President | Rocky Mount, NC
    Harry Cook | Lynchburg, VA
    Elizabeth Cox | Lynchburg, VA
    Patrick Schools | Greenville, SC
    Mike Sun | Shanghai, China
    Johnny Zhou | Shanghai, China

  • Junior Resident Assistants

    2017-18 Resident Assistants
    Joseph Matthews
    Lynchburg, VA
    Sally Curme
    Concord, NC
    Michael Caprise
    Lynchburg, VA
    Helen Ma
    Beijing, China
    Aaron Staggers
    Stafford, VA
    Ellie Tate Schutte
    Aiea, HI
    Wilson Smith
    Charleston, WV
    Sally Sorenson
    Lynchburg, VA
    Scott Hong
    Seoul, South Korea
    Anna Katherine Dabney
    Lynchburg, VA
    Tariq Fuller
    Durham, NC
    Arial Mial
    McLeansville, NC
    Ash Watts
    Lynchburg VA
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