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Student Life Program

Student life encompasses more than classrooms and playing fields. When class is over, faculty and students spend time together participating in sports, community service projects, the arts or a myriad of other offerings that allow them to pursue a particular interest or passion. On the weekends, trips are regularly planned to ski resorts, paintball courses, the mall and movie theaters. School dances are routine. But our school’s small size makes impromptu activities possible too. One teacher might make a late-night run to the local diner for Cheezy Westerns. Another, thinking the students need to see more classic films, will show Charlie Chaplin movies on a Sunday afternoon. A circus arrives across the street, and the Headmaster walks over with a group of students for the show.
Equally exciting is our informal campus life, which is not captured easily in print. It's these student-initiated gatherings that are perhaps the greatest examples of our students’ happiness. It is these moments that transform the school from something other than just a place of learning. The baseball field becomes an arena for Frisbee, a dorm room becomes a pizzeria on Friday night or a snowfall offers spontaneous creativity. Some lazy Saturday in December, on a lark and with a pair of scissors, a student takes greenery from the hedges outside his dorm and literally decks its halls with boughs of holly. Our school is always in a state of metamorphosis: transformative, life-changing.

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  • 9th Grade: Getting to Know Yourself and VES

    • Know and Navigate VES
    • Know Yourself
    • Academic Preparedness
    • Living on Your Own- Health and Wellness, Gender Issues Etc.
    • Living with Others
    • Leadership Basics (Retreat)
    • Positive Inquiry- Impact Your School and Your Life for the Better

    September: Getting to Know VES

    • What does Toward Full Stature Mean
    • Honor at VES
    • Getting the Most out of Your Experience
    • FCD Meetings
    • Resources
    • Goal Setting 101

    October-December: Know Yourself- Academic Preparation

    • Student Council Elections
    • Brain Development
    • Eating Right and Living Right (Nutrition and Sleep)
    • Exercise and Well Being
    • Stress Management
    • Organization and Study Skills 
    • Learning Styles
    • Multiple Intelligences
    • Exam Prep

    November: 9th Grade Retreat

    • Relationship Building
    • Leadership Skills
    • Communication Skills
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Letter to Yourself in 2018
    • Mindfulness
    • Pushing Through Perceived Boundaries


    • SIT Presentations
    • Mindfulness-Nutrition-Sleep Logs
    • Let’s Talk about Sex
    • Relationships


    • Class Bonding
    • College Guidance

    April and May: TFS Reflections and Legacies

    • Time to Reflect
    • Time to Collect
    • Strength Finding
    • Student Council Elections
    • Affirmative/Positive Inquiry and the Legacy of Class of 2018
    • Being Leaders moving Forward
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  • 10th Grade: Values and Decision Making

    • Review Key Points of 9th Grade
    • Establish Core Values—Society, Community, Personal
    • Ethical Decision Making
    • Ethical Leadership
  • 11th Grade: Leadership

    • Leadership Basics
      • Everyday Leadership
      • Communication is essential to leadership activity
      • Explore student strengths through a strength finder activity
      • Group Dynamics-diverse strengths enhance group performance activity
      • Leadership through the lens of gender-David Hagan/Miss Representation viewing
      • Mindfulness/Self-Awareness Strengthens Performance/Relationships
    • Explore Different Kinds of Leadership
    • Establish Leadership Styles
    • Practice Leadership (Service Project)
  • 12th Grade: Legacy and Transition

    • Leave Everything a Little Better than you Found It
    • Transition from VES to College

Student Life Office

List of 4 members.

  • Marcia Yochum 

    Dean of Students/Physics Teacher/ Advisor, Counselor Body/ Robotics
  • Mao Wang 

    Assistant Dean of Students/Director of Residence Life/History Teacher
  • Esther Johnson 

    Director of Student Activities & International Student Coordinator/Advisor, Student Council
  • Janet Grattan 

    Licensed Professional Counselor

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