Learning Resources Program

At VES, our mission is to guide all of our students toward full stature. In line with this mission, our Learning Resources Program is designed for students who are intellectually capable, but whose academic achievement may not reflect their ability. This team of education specialists is here to help those students who qualify for the program.

Who Is Qualified for Learning Resources Support?

VES will make some or all of the following accommodations for students if:
  1. Students have on file a current (within three years) educational evaluation that includes both cognitive ability testing and achievement testing. These evaluations must be submitted as part of the school’s application process.

  2. The applicant’s file is discussed by appropriate admissions officers, the Learning Resources Program director, appropriate academic administrators and/or other teaching faculty to determine whether VES can reasonably fulfill the requested expectation.

  3. The parents, student and VES agree to an annual review by the school to determine the suitability of continuing or changing any accommodations.

What Our Program Offers

Our staff focuses on organization and study skills in a warm and supportive environment. Sessions are scheduled throughout the academic week as part of the student’s schedule and resource teachers support the work of the classroom teachers. We teach the student to be a more active learner utilizing actual classroom assignments; this way the student’s progress will be reflected in his/her academic work. Our goal is to help students become more independent learners.

Measuring Success

When students in Learning Resources come to us with excitement that they got an A on a paper or test, we know they are learning the feeling of success! When students put into place the strategies they learn through the Learning Resources Program without being reminded, we know they are experiencing success. When teachers tell us that our mutual students are active participants in their classrooms, we know those students are experiencing success. When as juniors and seniors, students begin to wean themselves from our services, we are proud of their achievements and know they are experiencing success. Leading our students toward full stature as independent learners is success.

Academic Accommodations

Academic accommodations for qualified student based on student needs may include:
  • Audio books may be used to assist, but not replace, reading materials in any course. Student must bear the costs of fees associated with audio books.
  • Student may receive extended time on tests and exams (50% more time). This accommodation does not necessarily apply to testing other than VES classroom testing.
  • Computers may be used in class to take notes. Student must supply his own computer. Students may not use computers to take tests or examinations.
  • Computers may be used for work done outside the classroom for certain writing assignments except on assignments wherein the nature of the expectation is compromised by such use.
  • Student may record classes and lectures with teacher permission. Student must supply his own recorder.
  • Preferential seating arrangements may be made in the classroom.
  • Student may use calculators on all tests and exams except on assignments wherein the nature of the expectations is compromised by such use.
  • Additional tutoring by outside resources is available when appropriate through the office of Learning Resources. Extra fees are normally associated with this type of tutoring.
  • Student may meet in regular session with Learning Resources staff.

Learning Resources Team

List of 3 members.

Meet Our Staff

Both Mrs. Sale, the Learning Resources director, and Mrs. Lowe, Learning Resources teacher, have many years of experience in working with students.

Mrs. Sale retired from a career in public education where she was a learning disabilities teacher and principal. She holds advanced degrees from Lynchburg College in both learning disabilities and educational leadership. She is happy to once again be using her teaching skills here at VES.

Mrs. Lowe has been at VES for the past ten years as the Learning Resources teacher. She is well versed in the VES curriculum. Prior to coming to VES, Mrs. Lowe taught both at the high school and preschool level and also worked as a private tutor for middle and high school students. She holds a degree from Longwood University in secondary education with an endorsement in mathematics.

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