Virginia Episcopal School

VES is a co-ed college preparatory school for boarding and day students in grades 9 – 12. In our intentionally small, diverse and engaging community—260 young men and women and 40 faculty—we guide students to strive Toward Full Stature in their academic, ethical, spiritual and personal growth.

400 VES RoadLynchburg, Virginia24503

Student Life Program

We created our Student Life Program to be a multi-layered, four-year student development curriculum unique in boarding schools.

Our faculty—experts at helping teens navigate their journey to adulthood—leverage the latest science about the adolescent brain in addressing the challenges teenagers face today to guide students in real conversations, provide practical tools and teach students how to live healthy and productive lives. 

We stay closely in tune with the world today and continuously shape and deliver our Student Life program to ensure VES students acquire practical competencies essential to succeed in today's world. 

As a student, you will learn solid study skills, time management, proper sleep habits, mindfulness and stress reduction, nutrition and the importance of exercise, friendship and fun as key components to overall health and wellness. 

Together, we explore societal, communal and personal values as they relate to decision-making, relationships and leadership. We consider what biases are, open our minds to a range of perspectives, and are coached on how to contribute to, learn from, respect and live with others in a diverse and inclusive community.

We learn from experts both inside and outside of our school who bring these topics to life. 

Below, you will see the progression of the Student Life programming, the challenges young people face today, and speakers and organizations with whom we work.