Why VES for Boarding School

"Every child has incredible potential within him or her. Boarding school is an extraordinary environment designed to unlock that potential in ways other schools simply cannot."  - Boarding School Review

At VES, we deliver programs with purpose—ranging from hands-on academic experiences, a nurturing peer and faculty support system, endless opportunities to try new things all in one place, and robust life learning programs, boarding school provides a safe space to help students figure out who they are, what they’re made of, what inspires them, what makes them happy, and all the amazing things they can achieve. It’s more of what every child wants and needs to get the most out of their education and to be well-prepared for life.

Research proves that contemporary boarding schools serve a diverse body of motivated students. By studying and living in engaging, inclusive communities, they learn independence and responsibility—values that help them achieve success at higher rates than private day and public school students—in the classroom and beyond. Interviews with boarding school alumni across generations reveal the long-term, life-changing effects of attending school in a residential setting, and how the lessons and values learned at boarding school influence and shape college experiences and professional success.

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5 Advantages to VES

1. Finding Your Path and Passion

Gone are the days of defining yourself by a single activity. Here, you’re encouraged to try everything. From arts to athletics to off-campus explorations, you’ll have countless opportunities to have fun with your classmates, pursue your passions and discover new ones. And when you have everything right on campus, you’re only limited by your imagination!

2. Academics at the Speed of Life

Classes at boarding school are fun, interactive and stretch your mind. You’ll get to discuss topics in-depth, share your point of view and learn from one another in a small class setting. World-class curricula, the best teachers in the business and benefiting from diverse student perspectives set you up for an incredible future.

3. Loving Campus Life and Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Boarding school campuses rival the best college campuses. Whether you’re studying under a tree, riding your bike to class or taking an impromptu mountain hike in the nearby Blue Ridge Mountains, life on campus is both inspiring and fun. Plus, having dining halls, not cafeterias, is like having your favorite restaurant right at school! And our food is truly amazing—so many choices with farm-to-table healthy options prepared by a professional chef make meals at VES extra special. Plus, you will enjoy casual meals with your friends and seated meals with classmates and faculty.

4. Spreading Your Wings

The independence to live on dorm and the support to be successful—that’s what you can expect from the amazing students and teachers surrounding you at boarding school. Enjoy weeknight hangs and weekend outings with your besties! There are always so many fun things to do on and off campus. And campus is just minutes away from a thriving downtown with great restaurants, shopping, the arts, our nearby mountains and the James River.

5. Making an Impact

All boarding school students participate in community service. Whether it’s helping enhance our local community, or traveling around the world to help others, you can take advantage of amazing opportunities to give back and grow as a person.


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