Meet Your Tour Guides

We look forward to welcoming you to VES!

We are a team of VES students who love showing prospective families our VES. When you arrive, we are here to take you on a tour of campus, partner with you throughout the day and overnight, for those attending our Boarding Student Open House, and to help you feel comfortable while you are here. 

Can't wait to meet you!

Featured Tour Guide Profiles

Owen Julich

Hi, I’m Owen, a junior from Raleigh, North Carolina! I am a member of the varsity baseball and mountain biking teams and am a Junior RA (residential assistant). Junior RAs serve VES students on dorm by supporting faculty on night-time study hall during the week, and putting on fun and exciting events on Friday nights. There is an opportunity to be a leader at VES through every door, and I love serving my community here. VES is my home away from home, and I can’t wait to show you around!

Eme Clause

Welcome to VES! I’m Eme, a senior from Greenville, South Carolina. At VES, I am a member of the volleyball and golf teams. Before coming to VES, I was not heavily involved in school activities. Now, I am a student-athlete and a leader for our Admissions events. I cannot imagine going to school anywhere else! My favorite place on campus is Box Plaza, and I can’t wait to show you why!

Marian Laing

Hey there! I’m Marian, a senior from Charlottesville, Virginia. I came to VES as a sophomore, and this year, I am serving the school as a Senior Counselor. My favorite sport here is field hockey, but I also swim and play soccer! VES has really encouraged me to come out of my shell and step into leadership roles. I cannot wait to meet you, and show you why this community is so special to me.

Josh Staggers

Welcome to VES! I’m Joshua, and a senior from Stafford, Virginia. VES is a huge part of my family’s life. My older sister, Michelle, who graduated in 2014, is now a faculty member here. My older brother, Aaron, graduated this spring, and I have two younger brothers here, Joe and Danny. Service is a big part of our lives and VES is a place I can give back to my community. I am a member of the Honor Committee, Counselor Body, and the varsity lacrosse and football teams. We can’t wait to meet you!

Patrick Schools

Hi, I’m Patrick! I am a junior from Nashville, Tennessee. I am a member of the mountain biking team, and I serve the VES student body as a Junior RA. I was the first in my family to go off to school so it was definitely a big change, but the VES community did a great job of welcoming me in! Coming to VES has definitely changed my life more than anything so far. It is a really special place that has helped me mature. I live on Randolph, the junior/senior boys dorm, but you can almost always find me on Box Plaza with my friends. Since coming to VES, I have really excelled at things I never could have predicted. I have also been really humbled by the fact that everyone here is so amazing in their own way, and I enjoy seeing them grow alongside me. Becoming part of the Bishop family has had an enormous impact on me. This school is easily my favorite place to be.

Alida Tang

Hey, this is Alida! I’m a senior from Beijing, China. Welcome to this wonderful place! At VES I serve as a senior counselor and a member of the tennis team. It is always so great to be hanging out with friends in all sorts of activities and groups that are available here. With a family-like community, we have endless possibilities of discovery and fun you will enjoy! We cannot be more excited to have you here on campus and show you all the great times we have!

Johnny Zhou

你好👋 Hi, I’m Johnny Zhou. Welcome to VES! I’m a junior from Shanghai, China. I serve as a Junior RA and we, as a leadership group, try to bring joy on campus. I love to meet new people on dorms, in activities, and basically everywhere. My favorite thing about VES is that I can make friends from different cultures and backgrounds, which really broadens my horizons. I’m a member of the tennis and basketball teams and I have learned a lot about teamwork. I’m really excited to meet you and show you around the campus. I know you can discover your own place and interests at VES.

Elizabeth Cox

Welcome to VES! My name is Elizabeth Cox and I am a junior from Lynchburg, Virgina. This is my third year here, and I currently serve as a Junior RA (resident assistant). The Junior RAs plan fun events for the weekends and do duty once a week on a dorm to support the boarding students and dorm faculty. My favorite part about being an RA is spending Tuesday nights with the freshman girls on McCormick! I’m a member of the tennis and lacrosse teams, and I love the camaraderie I’ve built with my teammates over the years. I cannot wait to meet you and show you why this community is so special to me.

David Basnight

Hi, I’m David Basnight and I am from Ahoskie, North Carolina. I am a sophomore and this will be my second year at VES. While my favorite sport is baseball, I also play basketball and soccer. My favorite thing about VES is the community. VES felt like home when I visited for the first time and it still does. The community is very welcoming and caring. I am really excited to help new students get comfortable here and make this place feel like home. I hope to see you this fall.

Louise Sprunt

So glad your thinking about VES! My name is Louise Sprunt and I am a sophomore from Wilmington, North Carolina. This is my second year here, and I serve on the Student Council and am also a member of the Alpha Order Club that supports Admissions. I love playing field hockey, basketball and lacrosse, and enjoy being a leader for my classmates. I would love to show you around my school so you can see why it's a perfect fit for you, too!

Jack Prahinski

Hello there! I am Jack Prahinski, a local junior (Class of 2021) from Lynchburg, Virginia. I am a day student and only live about a mile down the road. I love getting the “best of both worlds” from VES—some of my closest friends are boarders and I still have a tightly knit group of day student friends. I love the competitive sport of varsity swimming, but I am also quite fond of the more leisurely junior varsity tennis. VES will encourage you to try out new things, as I did during our winter musical performance of Chicago last year. I had never performed in a musical before that, but I loved every second of Chicago. During my sophomore year at VES, I completed the rank of Eagle Scout, which has helped a great deal in serving as a Junior RA (Resident Assistant) where I perform a night of duty on dorm every week and plan fun student events for Friday nights. I can’t wait to meet you! 

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