Meet Your Tour Guides

We look forward to welcoming you to VES!

We are a team of VES students who love showing prospective families our VES. When you arrive, we are here to take you on a tour of campus, partner with you throughout the day and overnight, for those attending our Boarding Student Open House, and to help you feel comfortable while you are here. 

Can't wait to meet you!

Featured Tour Guide Profiles

Josh Staggers | Senior | Stafford, VA

House Affiliation: Pendleton Dorm.
Favorite Class: Math
Extracurriculars: Counselor Body and Honor Committee Member, Football, Lacrosse, Captains Club, Chess Club, Alpha Order

Who has had the greatest impact on you during your time at VES? My older brother, Aaron. He showed me the ropes here when I was young and I thank him for that.

Favorite tradition at VES: Bell Tower Ceremony. It gets so deep and emotional because it is the final two days for Seniors and I usually cry all the time. It's like the final goodbye. I love it so much!

My favorite moment at VES: During my freshman year on Ainslie Dorm, I was actively playing Wii. You might say I was addicted to it. I challenged my older brother, Aaron, to a game of Wii Bowling. After he took his turn on the first frame, I went. I had my set motion and went into windup but released the Wii remote in mid-windup. It shattered the TV and the LCD lights. I went into Mr. Button's office the next day and he gave me the "death stare." Never again will I break a TV that way!

Carlisle Watts I Junior I Lynchburg, VA

I followed in the footsteps of my brother, father and grandfather in coming to VES. I love all of my classes at VES, especially Chemistry, Spanish and Studio Art. I live on Wyatt dorm and am a member of the tennis and soccer teams. I am also a member of the business club, and a part of the Big Sib program. One of my favorite things about VES is the close relationships that are formed. VES is truly like one big family. Another reason I chose VES is its rigorous academics. Teachers make sure that you are challenged, but not feeling left behind, and make sure that they teach in a way you will understand.

Patrick Schools | Junior | Nashville, TN

House Affiliation: Pendleton
Favorite Class: Calc with Mr. Greene
Extracurriculars: Resident Assistant, Mountain Biking, Basketball, Baseball

Advice I Would Give a Student Thinking about Coming to VES:
Ultimately, they should do what makes them happiest. I can say with confidence they would definitely find their place in our VES community.

Coming to VES has definitely changed my life more than anything so far. It is a really special place that has helped me mature. I live on Pendleton Dorm, but you can almost always find me on Box with my friends. Since coming to VES, I have really excelled at things I never could have predicted. I have also been really humbled by the fact that everyone here is so amazing in their own way and I enjoy seeing them grow alongside me. Becoming part of the Bishop family has had an enormous impact on me. This place is easily my favorite place to be.

Alida Tang | Senior | Beijing, China

House Affiliation: Perkins
Favorite Class: Biology
Extracurriculars: Counselor Body, Photography, Editing, Tennis, Yearbook Club

Most special moment at VES: Casino Night

I am a member of the Counselor body, the tennis team and the yearbook club. I enjoy taking pictures and trying out new stuff. I started doing art projects my freshman year and now realize that I enjoy creating art as a way to relieve stress. I also enjoy sports contests with other schools.
VES has created so many precious moments in my life, and one of the most interesting is orientation with new students as an RA. The joy of meeting new people in my community is something I will never forget. Our community creates a welcoming environment; everyone feels like they are part of the family. I love how all the teachers and student leaders try their best to create a fun and informational orientation for new students every year. Everyone begins having so much fun at the very start of their VES experience.

Dylan James | Senior | Canada

House Affiliation: Pendleton
Favorite Class: AP Composition
Favorite Sport: Counselor Body, Lacrosse

Most special moment at VES: The Bell Tower Ceremony is a farewell between underclassmen and seniors who are graduating. Because of our small school atmosphere, I was able to develop relationships with all of the seniors who graduated last year and to be a part of them as they leave for college was really special for me.

What has surprised you most about VES?
I came to VES with a single goal—to use it to allow me to get into college. But once you spend time in the engaging atmosphere we have here, you begin to value a lot of different things in our community. VES exposed me to different sports and activities that I would never have even considered.

What advice would you give students considering VES? It would be to take the leap. Jump in with an open mind and prepare to fall in love with this place. You really do get out what you put into this place.
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