Travel & Enrichment Opportunities

Through VES' Travel & Enrichment program we seek to broaden our perspectives and expand the four walls of our classrooms by partnering with schools in other countries and providing service learning experiences abroad.

Thanksgiving Break 2018 Travel

Spend Thanksgiving Enjoying New York City Like a Local - FULL!

Mrs. Chelsea and Mr. Joshua Miller
Approximate cost is $1800 - $2500
 for 6 days 
Boasting more sites and attractions per square mile than almost any other location, New York has something for everyone and offers a look into the unique melting pot culture of the United States. 

* Trip price includes chaperones and train fare.

Spring Break 2019 Travel

Explore Mountain, Coastal and Rain Forest Regions in Peru

Dr. and Mr. Knebel
Approximate cost is 
$4000* for 10 days 
Students will interact with local indigenous community members and have the opportunity to learn from them. They will explore the dynamics of development and tourism through a socio-historical lens. Exploring and observing the ancient structures present in this part of the world will give students unique insight into the history of agriculture in the Andes Mountains. Students also will test the limits of their non-verbal skills and practice their Spanish. (Spanish language not required.)

* Trip price includes chaperones and airfare.

Fall in Love with Spain: Madrid to Costa del Sol

Mrs. Amanda and Mr. Will Rhem
Approximate cost is $4000
* for 8-9 days  
Students will explore many of the highlights of Spain and its charming culture. They will have the opportunity to stroll down cobblestone streets, visit museums, palaces, mosques and cathedrals, sip coffee in outdoor cafes, and eat delicious Spanish cuisine. Students will spend time at the end of the trip relaxing on sunny beaches in the south of Spain. (Spanish not required).

* Trip price includes chaperones and airfare.

Summer 2019 Travel

Immerse Yourself in Educational Adventure and Service in Kenya & Uganda - FULL!

Mr. Will Greene, Mr. Will Rhem and Mrs. Amy Koudelka
Approximate cost is $4700* for 20 days | 20 students maximum | June Dates TBA
Join us for this 20-day service and cultural immersion trip. We will be working with the Elewana Education Project in western rural Kenya and Hands of Love International in eastern Uganda, partnering with a rural Kenyan high school (Katakwa Secondary School) for much of the trip.

* Trip price includes chaperones and airfare.

Morocco: Culture, Equality and Sustainability

Chaplain Adam White (approximate cost is 
$4,200 - $4,900* for 10 days) | June 19 - 28
A melting pot of histories, religions and cultures that demonstrate the intricate connections that bind us together, Morocco is an ideal setting for students to develop cross-cultural competencies, engage in meaningful service learning, and deepen their knowledge of other cultural contexts. Through interacting and engaging with diverse Moroccan traditions, students will also be able to understand and reflect on a range of global issues and on their place within our international community.

* Trip price includes chaperones and airfare.

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