Virginia Episcopal School

VES is a co-ed college preparatory school for boarding and day students in grades 9 – 12. In our intentionally small, diverse and engaging community—260 young men and women and 40 faculty—we guide students to strive Toward Full Stature in their academic, ethical, spiritual and personal growth.

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Science is everywhere. Our students begin with the notion that the fundamental systems that guide our world and society build upon each other and are reinforced by our actions. Students develop a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of the principles that govern the universe within a broader ethical vision of society in which rationality is used for the mutual benefit of all. As citizens of a world where every personal decision has influence far beyond the individual, we aim to provide students with the skills and knowledge they need to live their lives in a way that best serves themselves, their community, and our world.

Our Science department fosters curiosity about the world and creates students able to succeed in future scientific study. Through discussions, active discovery, experiments and group projects, we encourage our students to think, take intellectual risks and try, even if the outcome leads them to revise their understanding. Our students learn to work together, respect each other’s ideas and talents, and celebrate the camaraderie and success that comes with like minds involved in critical thinking and problem solving.

Most students begin with the study of Biology and advance to Chemistry as their mathematical proficiency increases. After the first two years of study, their interest and skills guide them as they explore the wide range of science courses offered.

Department Staff

Chad Hanning

Margaret Thomas Bourne Chair of Science | Director of Community Life | Asst Coach, Golf

Christopher Bright

Science Teacher | Head Coach, Cross Country | Asst Coach, Wrestling | Sustainability Coordinator

Matt Foy

STEM Teacher | Head Coach, Boys JV Basketball | Asst Coach, Boys Varsity Basketball

Larissa Knebel

Thomas H. “Tuck” Maddux III ’47 Distinguished Master Teacher—Science | Chair, Faculty Advisory Comm

Patrick Pickard

Assistant Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion | Science Teacher | Asst Sustainability Coord

Rachel Pollock

Science Teacher | Head Coach, Robotics

Scott Winston

Athletic Trainer | Assistant Director of Athletics | Intro to Sports Medicine Teacher