Our Faculty & Academic Philosophy

Working at VES is far more than a job — it's a way of life.

We don’t just work here, we live here. At VES, faculty wear many hats—we're responsible for teaching, coaching sports teams, supervising dorms, advising and overseeing a variety of extracurricular activities and clubs.

VES leaders believe in and support our faculty and staff and are dedicated to bringing the best and brightest people onto the VES team, as well as retaining and nurturing that talent. We are proud of the culture we have built and are excited about our work with VES students and our engagement with VES faculty peers and colleagues across the educational arena. 

Our Academic Philosophy

At VES, our faculty are designers , and we are committed to an Academic Philosophy in which:

  • Dynamic questions shape our content, experiences, perspectives and outcomes. 
  • Intellectual playfulness drives our practice. 
  • Creative thinkers and producers are our goal—committed to making beautiful work and communicating effectively, with one another and throughout the world.

Excellence in Teaching & Learning:
VES Partnership with UVA Curry School of Education

In November 2016, VES began a partnership* with the Curry School of Education at the University of Virginia to drive excellence in teaching and learning among our VES faculty. With access to the highly esteemed professors at the Curry School, this partnership opens up an exchange of ideas and learning opportunities that will enhance VES’ academic culture today and for the long-term.

  • Curry School professors attend VES classes to assess teaching methods, provide feedback and collaborate with our faculty to support their individual skills and growth.
  • VES faculty gain knowledge, practical tools and resources—beyond what other schools can offer—to support our students as we introduce more project-based, inquiry-based and experiential learning. 
  • Faculty are working closely together across disciplines to align their curricula to the Portrait of a VES Graduate, develop common rubrics, and use backward design to ensure students achieve learning goals. 
  • With an enhanced focus on differentiated instruction, VES students in our Learning Resources program are gaining even stronger support in the classroom and during their time with Learning Resources faculty in the school day and with added evening study hall support.   
  • VES is creating a level of distinction among boarding schools in the practice of teaching and learning. In August 2018, VES will launch a Summer Collaborative for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, designed for K-12 teachers across the region to learn about top trending topics in education from top-name Curry School faculty.
*This partnership is made possible through The Du Bose Family Fund for Excellence in Teaching & Learning.

A Faculty Committed to Professional Growth

Each year, faculty and staff pursue opportunities outside of VES to strengthen their skills and impact at VES. Highlights from the 2017-18 school year include:
  • Dean’s Roundtable­ and Dean's Round Table for New Deans—discussing best practices, legal issues and hot topics in independent schools to inform our Student Life, Accountability and Residential Life policies and practices.
  • Stanley H. King Counseling Institute—learning how to listen deeply to students and respond in ways that promote learning, meaningful relationships and responsible behavior
  • Gardner Carney Leadership Institute (GCLI), learning the latest research about brain science, social and emotional intelligence, and group dynamics.
  • NAIS School Leadership Institute
  • NAIS People of Color Conference—enhancing the climate of equity and inclusion in schools
  • Serving as national AP exam graders—demonstrating leadership in key areas of study and providing vES faculty insights into the AP curricula
  • AP Curriculum Conferences/Workshops—AP Modern World History Workshop, AP Central Conference, AP Environmental Science Workshop and AP Physics Institute
  • Project Connect—learning best practices in interdisciplinary studies across the humanities 
  • Physics Modeling Program—learning new methods for classroom instruction that engages students
  • Envoys in Colombia—global educators trip to deepen knowledge of Spanish-speaking cultures and current-day issues, participate in service projects, and gain innovative ideas for developing globally minded students 
  • Middlebury College—pursuing a master’s degree
  • Where There Be Dragons—immersive study of language; environmental and sustainability issues; social and political activism, the arts and service projects.
  • Computer Science Teacher Association conference, learning virtual reality and Python programming; became one of 20 educators trained in Cybersecurity education by NERIC.
  • Bard College’s Summer Institute for Writing and Thinking—to develop an understanding of "writing-based teaching" and its application in the classroom, including how to teach different forms of writing— essay, academic paper, creative nonfiction, poetry.

A Passion for Teaching

Leadership begins with 24/7 guidance from an exceptional faculty—a group of adults who place the growth and wellbeing of their students above all else. 

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