Learning Resources Program

The mission of the Virginia Episcopal School Learning Resources Program is to promote student success by providing assistance to students within the framework of their classroom instruction.
Learning Resources focuses on organization and study skills. Sessions are scheduled throughout the academic week, both during the school day and during evening study hall.   
VES offers reasonable and appropriate accommodations to students who may qualify based on professional, current (within three years) and formal diagnostic evaluations. Please note: A letter from a physician stating a diagnosis and recommendations for accommodations is not considered a formal diagnostic evaluation.
In alignment with our mission as a college preparatory school, VES may be able to offer the following based on students’ evaluations:
In-class accommodations:
  • Audio books and access to other audio-based materials
  • Computer use for note-taking
  • Calculator use when it doesn’t compromise the nature of the assignment
  • Preferential seating 
Accommodations for tests and quizzes*:
  • 50% extended time (time and half)
  • Computer use
  • Calculator use when it doesn’t compromise the nature of the assessment
*Accommodations offered at VES may not necessarily apply to standardized testing (ACT/SAT). Conversely, accommodations offered by standardized testing companies may not be offered at VES.
Virginia Episcopal School is unable to provide the following accommodations and/or modifications:
  • Foreign language waiver
  • Reduced and/or modified assignments or assessments
  • 100% extended time
  • Oral tests
  • Large print or tests written differently than for other students in class
  • Separate test setting
  • Scribe
  • Faculty lecture notes or lecture outlines

Learning Resources Team

List of 4 members.

  • Photo of Nancy Sale

    Nancy Sale 

    Director of Learning Resources
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  • Photo of Jane Lowe

    Jane Lowe 

    Learning Resources Teacher
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  • Photo of Jane Jones

    Jane Jones 

    Academic Coach, Learning Resources
  • Photo of Demetrious Nicholson

    Trá Nicholson 

    History & Learning Resources Teacher | Head Coach, Football | Asst Coach, Boys JV Basketball & Track
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