Virginia Episcopal School

VES is a co-ed college preparatory school for boarding and day students in grades 9 – 12. In our intentionally small, diverse and engaging community—260 young men and women and 40 faculty—we guide students to strive Toward Full Stature in their academic, ethical, spiritual and personal growth.

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For eighteen years, Nelson Mandela was imprisoned on Robben Island, South Africa. In his possession, shared among the other prisoners, was a copy of the complete works of William Shakespeare, a forbidden copy of the complete works of William Shakespeare. Like all the prisoners, Mandela would secretly read from the book and even sign his name to his favorite passages. What has an anti-apartheid revolutionary to do with a son of a glovemaker, who lived on a different island, six thousand miles away and four hundred years ago? In a word, everything.

Reading and writing is dangerous - it thrills, it allures, it makes you feel alive. And that’s what we want, for our students to feel alive, to pull words from the corners of themselves they haven’t explored, or are scared to explore, and compress those words into charged images, metaphors, and syntactical patterns that surprise and delight. We believe that in reading we might discover the world; and in writing, we might reintroduce the world to itself.

Literature ought to include everything, and it does at VES.

Department Staff

Sara Jameson

James W. Hopkins Chair of English | Duty Member

Brian Campbell

English Teacher | Head Coach, Track & Field

Emily Foster

English Teacher | Assistant Coach, Tennis

Michelle Hanning

English and Computer Science Teacher

Jason Knebel

English Teacher | Advisor, Honor Committee | Asst Coach, Mountain Biking

Matt LaFreniere

Dean of Faculty | English Teacher | Assistant Coach, Lacrosse

Will Rhem

Spanish & English Teacher | Global Initiatives Coord | Head Coach, Girls V Soccer