Advanced Studies


Students who have achieved the most advanced course in a discipline that VES offers and who want to explore a topic in greater depth often pursue VES’ Advanced Studies. Students selected through an application process pursue a topic of interest—most often interisciplinary, align with a faculty mentor, set their own deadlines and goals for their studies, and culminate their study with a presentation of their learning to the VES community. Topics have included:

  • Eradicating the Equality Gap: A Solution to Poverty in Zimbabwe (economics and social issues)
  • The Art of Home Renovation: Plan B for Better Living (aging in place and architecture)
  • The Bronte Sisters: A Feminist Perspective (social issues and literature)
  • The Development and Construction of a Bionic Exoskeletal Arm (science and technology)
  • The Matrix Inverted: An Exploration of Linear Algebra with Cryptography (math and coding)
  • Locas Mujeres: Feminism in Latin America and the Women Who Changed the World with Their Words (world language, literature, social issues)
  • English Boosters: A Study in Entrepreneurship (entrepreneurship, establishing an English language practice business for Chinese students studying for TOEFL)
  • Whistleblowing Cases and the Changing Role of Journalism (ethics, journalism, law, corporate communications)
  • Object Oriented Programming, and Team Based App Development (software engineering)
  • “To Reason Most Absurd”: A Particular Celebration of my Father’s Life (writing, storytelling)

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