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You see it often in old musicals, a protagonist mulling around and, in the background, the churn of a street sweeper, or the pistons within a factory, or the drip of a coffeemaker. With this ready-made sound, our hero’s feet will start tapping and the next thing you know the whole street is doing pirouettes. Computers are, after all, machines that have set the rhythm of our time.

Like the human body in dance, computers can be manipulated for almost infinite possibilities, yet a computer’s greatest service is to help us communicate our ideas with clarity and style. It isn’t the computer program used to create the presentation that makes it good, but rather the creativity and originality that goes into it that makes it good. Our students learn that computers are not mere functional items; instead, they require invention and thought. Computer Science embraces innovation, creativity, collaboration and communication—the essential skills in today’s society.
  • 9th Grade ARC Collaborative

    The 9th Grade ARC Collaborative provides an interdisciplinary introduction to three subject areas that students can apply across their VES experience and future studies. ‘A’ stands for the Arts, which students engage with through a trimester-long Introduction to the Arts course; ‘R’ stands for Reasoning, which is the focus of their trimester in the Critical Thinking course; ‘C’ represents their study in Computer Science I.

    The ARC Collaborative enriches students’ learning in core subject areas while exposing them to other aspects of our curriculum that may spark a new interest, talent or passion to pursue further over the course of their VES career. In short, the ARC courses are a meaningful segment in the path of our ninth graders’ high school experience.
  • Computer Science II - Web Design & Programming (F)

    Prerequisite: Computer Science I or prior Computer Science course experience. Open to students in all grade levels.

    Computer Science II is an online course that meets once weekly in the evenings. In this one-semester, project-based course, students will build on the skills learned in Computer Science I. Topics include designing web pages using CSS, programing robots and game design using Python.
  • Computer Science III - Body Recognition Programming (F)

    Prerequisite: Computer Science I and II or previous Computer Science experience

    Computer Science III is a higher-level programming course. It is a one- semester elective course in which students will work on designing Kinect games and learn how to program computers to recognize body movements.
  • Computer Science IV - App Design & Networking

    Prerequisite: Computer Science I, II & III

    Computer Science IV is a full-year course. This course focuses on Java programming language and networking concepts. Students will design their own app in addition to building and maintaining a small network of computers. Students may choose to prepare for the AP Computer Science exam as they work through the projects and concepts in this class.

Department Staff

  • Photo of Darko Sedlar

    Darko Sedlar

    Computer Science Department Chair/Director of Academic Technology/Director of Basketball Programs
    Le Moyne College - B.S.
    College of Saint Rose - M.S.
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