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A Festival of Lessons & Carols

Students, faculty, their families, alumni, and guests joined together in Langhorne Memorial Chapel for two presentations of A Festival of Lessons & Carols on Saturday, December 14, 2013.

The services featured performances by the school's Glee Club, Vocal Ensemble, and instrumental Ensemble. The music was complemented by readings from scripture and prayer.

Between the performances, students and faculty gathered together to celebrate the evening with a Christmas Dinner in Harrison Dining Room. At the same time, parents, alumni, and guests attended a reception graciously hosted by Headmaster Tommy and Mary Stuart Battle.

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The poinsettias that decorated the Chapel were given in memory or in honor of the people listed below. We thank the donors for their generous support. On the morning following the services, students delivered the poinsettias to The Carrington, a public nursing home.

Given in memory of
Stanley C. Archibald, Bill Barnard, Muriel Shaw Battle, Mike Berry, Manfred Böse, Ruth Bricker, Tom Brockman ’78, J. Smith Capel Jr. ’82, Richard A. Carrington IV ’76, Regina Cash, Dallas Page Cocke, Mrs. Gloria Farnell Cowan, William Reed Darden, George H. Davis ’67, Guy Alexander Dirom III ’77, Benjamin F. Dixon ’67, Mary and Reed Ewing, Reed Finlay, Al Frazier, Theresa C. Habot, Catherine Haven, Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Hicks, Jay Hight, Dempsey W. Hodges Jr. ’58, Lola and Earl Holliman, Barbara and Ronald Hood, Nelson James, Lewis Phillip Jacoby III, Arnold Berman Johnson, John Wright Jones, BJ Kavanaugh, Rock Lee Jr. ’45, Jack Lester, Pickett M. Lloyd, Harold L. Lloyd, Leland Berkley Lupton, Bill Magnan, Emily Marcrum, Joe Marotta, Eugene Martin, Kathryn Mays, Morris Edward McCrary Jr., Anne D. Miller, Peg and Jerry Miller, Edward R.  Moore Jr., Frances Morse, Robert Nutt Jr. ’47, Betty Parsons, Carol and Cal Peddy, A. Boyd Pritchard ’47, John Peter Rascoe Jr., William M.  Roberts Jr. ’37, Ilona Harvard Salmon, Serge Senglet, Gérard accent over E Senglet, Grace Brading Spurrell, The Grandparents of Jay E. Sullivan ’16, Hall Sykes Jr. ’06, Robert B. Taylor Sr., Peggy Teague, Dr. and Mrs. Glenn B. Updike Jr., Tommy West, Sackett White ’02, James H. Whitner III, John Cross Williams ’45, Virginia Williams, William L. Wyatt, Peter M. B. Young Jr. ’66

Given in honor of
Sharon and Sandy Ainslie, Elizabeth Alford ’16, Victorino Anguera, Shirley T. Archibald, The Barnard Family, Josh Barnard ’17, JW Barnard III ’14, Mary Stuart and Tommy Battle ’83, Hannah Bedwell, Delores Brogan, 1st Lt. Erik Burg, Justine and Chris Button, Campbell Button, Wyatt Button, Olivia C. Capel ’14, Frances A. Capel ’15, Stuart Carrington ’09, Dick Carrington ’50, The Class of ’75, William H. Collier V ’16, Caroline M. Dabney ’17, The Lewis P. Dabney Family, Tres Dickerson III ’16, Anne and Trent Dickerson Jr. ’78, Lindeman Edgar ’16, Marion and Jim Farmer, Louis Fenelon, Jocelyne Frazier, Kyle Frazier ’04, Keegan Frazier ’12, Debbie Grabeel, Madeleine King Grimm ’05, Linda and Harold Hale, Michelle and Chad Hanning, Frank D. Hargrove, Hannah J. Hargrove ’15, Virginia Hart ’03, Zoe Hazan ’17, The Head Family, Isabel V. Herring ’15, Richard N. "Skipper" Hines III ’83, Rachel Hood, Christopher W. Hood ’04, Jim Hunter ’77, Billy Hunter ’84, Johnny Hunter ’88, David Hunter ’89, Alex W. Jacoby ’16, Hope and Albert Jennings, Jane and Chip Jones, Thomas B. Kennedy, Meg King ’01, Larissa and Jason Knebel, The Right Reverand A. Heath Light, Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Matthews, Jane and Calvin McAlexander, Caroline McCrary, Kathryn C. McKenna ’96, Max Meador, The Meadows Family, Dixon L. Moore ’11, Ashton B. Moore ’16, Mary Elizabeth Wagoner Notario ’00 and Fernando Notario and family, Mark Peake ’16, Romey G. Poore Jr. ’15, The Grandparents of Romey Poore Jr. ’15, Alicia and Carl Ragsdale, Raggs Rascoe ’05, Hunter Rascoe ’07, Courtlandt Smith ’17, Sarah Elizabeth Sterne ’89, J. Cole Taylor ’16, G. Curren Vaughan II ’15, The VES Faculty, The VES Staff, The VES Administration, J. Merritt Wagoner ’94 and family, Andrew J. Wagoner ’96 and family, Bobby Watts ’65, Leah Weiss, Owen Davis Williams ’85, Joel T. C. Williams ’88, Joel T. C. Williams, Jr. ’17

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